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June 20, 2008


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It's hard for me to believe people are so dumb. why would you tell a landlord all of those things? if they are that dumb right off the bat then you should not feel bad for not choosing them. there is probably a reason for all of their problems. survival of the fittest, anyone? dumb people should get smarter, or die. i know that sounds harsh. sorry.


Sarah, when did you start renting to my clients? I am always surprised what people will tell us when we're interviewing them, but I'd rather they tell us the truth right off the bat then get hit with something out of left field in front of a judge.


Sarah - I find this so humorous in a very sick way! Why are people so dumb when it comes to personal information and "selling" themselves. If my work weren't so sensitive - is homeland security sensitive? - I'd be writing about my daily grind too!

Miss you!



Ohhh...this is very tough. You are way more knowledgable about the subject than I am, but I think after hearing so many stories in your life, that you start to know in your gut whether someone is telling the truth, and whether they would benefit from a second chance. Some people have had a really rough life for reasons beyond their control and really just need that break to get back on the right foot. Others invite chaos and foolishness into their lives; it won't stop until they take responsibility. These are the people you have learned to be wary of. I don't know what comes first-- the bad life situation, or the not getting it part. It could be either, but for me, what matters is what they are doing to make their situation better. And for that, sometimes you just have to rely on your gut!

Remind me to tell you the story of my pro bono client sometime.

Holly Thatcher

I don't know if I ever told you I managed an apartment complex in Berkeley and then later one in Salt Lake with Dan. I can totally relate! The people in Berkeley were working on PhD's and so easy to work with. Then in Salt Lake we had so many crazy people! Every time I took a chance on someone who didn't "get it" I always regretted it. You have a hard job.


I love these renter stories! We once had a renter who came over to our house late at night to alert us that we needed to buy a new fridge for his apartment. When I asked him what was wrong with the new one that was there already, he informed us that "oh, it works fine, it's just that there are spirits living inside it and they won't stop talking to me."

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