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July 18, 2008


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Yummy. Definitely a worthwhile fantasy!


I've got to admit: I've never been attracted to cowboys. Growing up in Central California, there were all kinds of wanna bes with their tight jeans, weird hats and pointy boots. Not to mention the Ford F-150 trucks and twangy music. But damn. Those pics are making me reconsider. Glad to see you're putting that fancy camera to good use. :P


Living in the O-HI-O we get lots of cowboy sightings. I'm very saddened that I will have to miss the yearly chance to see my fill at the County Fair which starts next week. (I really don't want to take the chance of having to give birth in a sheep barn. Although Matt has reassured me that he has delivered PLENTY of sheep in his day). Anyway, I will be missing out on a lot of Kodak moments, like yours above from the rodeo.

So, eventhough I go for the runner-type, I have to agree with you--cowboys ARE hot and cowgirl boots are WAY cool. You just might want to dust off your old pair stuck back in that closet just for fun. And maybe you can even convince Jess to dress up as a cowboy now and then! :)

Holly Thatcher

Sarah, you are a funny girl! I knew you used to ride horses, but didn't know about the cowboy love. I think you would have met more cowboys if you had moved to some place like Spanish Fork instead of SLC.


this is very funny. love the pics and the part about the carrot.


Your stories are funny. I can't believve that Costco in Mexico. You are very photogenic. That cabin and school house is so cozy. Whatever happen to the tenants with the pot?

Congrats on the marriage. A happy life is certain.


My first thought was Ew.
Then I saw your pictures and thought
Very Nice


I understand completely...though I never went for cowboys as my "thing" I've dated a few. I personally go for Marines...(oh yeah...there's a reason.) But I grew up in N. California and we had real cowboys up there too. I really like the one with the chaps with his arm resting on the rail. Hawt. He could have an ugly face, but the rear view is nice. LMAO!

Beth T

I'm with you all the way on the cowboys. It's the "yes ma'am" and tipping the hat, and the tight jeans, and cowboy hats and boots. I love country music, have ridden horses since I was 5, and still wanna find my rancher with an airplane. Plus, so many men in ties are wimps. They're all ambition and metrosexual and YUCK! Give me a man who knows what hard work is, how to treat a lady, and who looks goood in them there jeans.

I went to college in California around a lot of wannabe's and I didn't like them then. Partly because I hadn't lived long enough to recognize that the John Gray's and Alan Alda's of the world are dopey and smarmy. I want a guy who can fix things. I want a guy who's a guy. Not all men in cowboy hats are real. But it doesn't take long to figure out which ones are.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy- er Rancher!

Supra Vaider

I dreamed of Utah as this mystical, magical place where there would be a bounty of cowboys. Hot Mormon cowboys. Hot Mormon cowboys that would never tire of me

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