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August 01, 2008


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very cool. i'll check her out. i bought some amazing pottery pieces at a garage sale today - about 6 bucks. I passed on too many peices, but glad I got these. so sweet. I posted some photos on my blog. the birds are precious.


Was that little boutique Got Beauty? That's where I got my wicked mug.


I HEART YOU! What an awesome shout out. OF COURSE that mug does not come with any super secret spy microchippy technology. But may i just say you take an awful lot of cream?

E-me for item of your choice off my website or if you want an original mug with something like "HA HA I HAVE A FABULOUS BLUE HOUSE AND YOU DON'T"


I would, but she called my sister a douche. True story.

I kid though, Lorrie's stuff is adorable!


I do take a lot of cream!!! DAMN YOU.

And yes, Stephanie, that cute little boutique was Got Beauty. Small world.

Lorrie Veasey

OK: just to set the record straight I said her sister had a blog that was called www.douchebagcity.com and that was in response to her (the sister) calling me NOT FUNNY, which was in response to my saying Amy was a drunkard who couldn't hold her pee which was in response to a post Amy wrote about not holding her pee after a couple of drinks and to sum it all up: JOHN BOY AND MARY ELLEN CERTAINLY LEARNED A SPECIAL LESSON ABOUT THE INTERNET THAT DAY.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black- I posted in comments below while I was half in the bag and not I don't know which is worse: not remembering writing it, or the terrible spelling.

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