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August 29, 2008


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I think you have many ducks in a row.



Hello Sarah .... I love this list ...

As to point 4) there is no good time to have kids ... if you have an egg and Jess has a sperm you should just move forward.

Point 5) you can stay in our spare room once you make it to Australia ...with or without babe in tow - dogs welcome too ... come within the next 18-24 months or you may find the spare room has moved to New Zealand.

Point 7) ... I am a fast, inaccurate reader .. the only thing more inaccurate than my reading is my fast inaccurate typing ... so when I first read 7) I thought it said "become a virgin for a year" ... I had to slow up and re-read ...

Anyways I am loving your work and will now feature you and associated blog on my rather select recommended list ... I don't have anything so scientific as a criteria like the darling Jenx67 ... I just like what I like ....

And I am loving those wedding pics ! If I ever went a third time (like nooooo)I would have to be sure to copy your sense of style and the prevailing feeling of love and fun I see in your images .... beautiful ... all my best Le


Forgot one thing - love the title of this blog ... I am going to work it into my daily conversation, especially with men and see if it clicks ... hee hee le xox


I think this was the year when my list held just two items:

1) BE PRESENT above all else-be who I am -where I am-with what I have. i don't really need to see Antarctica before I die if I am capable of really seeing what's in my own backyard.


Holly Thatcher

I like the list. You are one goal setting woman! I switched my blog back to public btw.


Hahaha, omg I love the title of this post.

I love your goals. I've been thinking a lot about becoming a vegetarian lately (I'm not sure if I could go as far as vegan), and I like the idea of doing it for a year. A good discipline/trial period.


Hello Sarah ...

so what did MIC say ... if I bury it back here I don't see any harm in telling ...he said I should quit my job, stay home for a couple of months and just mother and recover ...

Considering we upheaved everything six months ago to come back to Brisbane on a job whim for me I thought that was pretty generous ... and we live on one income - mine - so that would mean no income ...

It just said to me that I was waaaay more important than the dollars I earn, that I have real value as a mum and that he wanted me happy on a day to day basis ..

He then added that maybe the break would be the precurser to a move back to NZ ... my soul home ... even though I am an Aussie chick thru and thru ...

So there that was it - acknowledgement, acceptance, strength and love all wrapped up in a two minute exchange ... makes a girl smile


I did something similar back in June after I watched "The Bucket List". I unimaginatively called it "My Bucket List" http://kwr221.blogspot.com/2008/06/my-bucket-list.html

Anyway, now you've got me all worried - is it too mundane? Have I not set my sights high enough? What have I left out? Oh, my. I may have to go back and revisit it. :-)


You are only 29!?!?!?!?!
Who the F*** has all their ducks in a row, I mean seriously? I don't think anyone doesS


Your list is inspiring. Thank you. Maybe I'll add a "make a list of things I'd like to do before I'm 50" to my list of things to do. The one I haven't started yet. At least now I'm thinking about it! Thanks!


I thought I had commented on this earlier but I guess it didn't go through. Doh! I was just saying that I admire you for #7. I couldn't live a day without bacon let alone a year without any part of the cow!


I don't know about being a vegan, but you could easily be a vegetarian in our family. If you come to Thanksgiving at Gail's, we have 4 vegetarians in the family :)

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