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August 15, 2008


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Bachelor #2, come on down! I think he looks pretty good. Assuming his monthly income is enough for the rent, whatever it might be. Plus, if he gets a cat, he might not mind it smelling like a litter box.


I say #1 because he sounds just like Joel when he was getting divorced! Plus, he's trying to quit smoking, so you should really help him out by giving him a place to live. If he doesn't have anywhere to live he will worry, which would cause stress, which would make him keep smoking and then he'd get lung cancer and it would be your fault. You really don't want that hanging over your head, do you?


I should also mention that the apartment is non-smoking. The neighbors smoke on their porch. Alot. I wonder if this would cause Militant non-smoker (Bachelor #2) any grief?...

Holly Thatcher

NOT #3, but the other 2 would probably be ok.


number 1. who has part time custody of cats anyway? but he sounds like the best choice to me.


I vote for #2 just to help him get away from Happy Valley. :)


Hmmm. As to #1 and #2, did you not just go down the cat road only to suffer the consequences? And #3 sounds like he is the financial instability part of the previous disaster, definately not him. I think I would pick #2, just because you are likely to get more good future blog posts out of the feud that will inevitably develop between him and the neighboring human chimineys, which will be more entertaining for us.

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