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August 11, 2008


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Holly Thatcher

Your house looks lovely as usual and extra clean! I wish you good luck...I know the luck part is important because it's a fabulous house in a fabulous neighborhood and you, of course, are a fabulous agent. Have you made an offer/bought the other house yet?

Holly Thatcher

Oh and I forgot to say, your mom cracks me up.


Hobbit feet? Well, I grew up in Wisconsin and we didn't always have boots in the winter, all right?

Somebody please buy our house- so the dogs and I don't have to live in the garage...


No, we haven't made an offer on the other house yet. We will, when and if this one sells. We will need luck. The kind of luck we had when we sold your house. Will you send some my way?

May I post some Calebisms on my blog? Now that you're private I can't send people over, but seriously, they are too cute to not share...


Your house is amazing!


Thank goodness for you! You've given me something to read again during yet another insomnia spell. And a good laugh.

Your house is beautiful. Undoubtedly you will miss it but I know the other home will bring you all a lot of joy. And decorating a new place is so much fun! :)


You are such a great writer. Very funny quips. Love the pics of the house. I live in an old bungalow - circa 1919 - but what a money pit. You gotta love historic living. Now, if i could get the preservation people off my back about the fence I'd be happy. Hey, you're my GenX Blogger from Utah on my growing list of 50 GenX bloggers from 50 States. I listed your age as in your 30s. Can you leave me a note with your exact age or better yet, year of birth? Thanks, jen


McClelland looks Fan-Tastico!!!! And I say, baseboards, shmasebords. If your guests are on the floor looking at them you either have really wierd friends or you provided WAY too much free booze.

Lorrie Veasey

OMgosh now I covet both your OLD house and your NEW house. I would buy it but it seems awfully far from New York City. Utah...utah...hmmm is that the purple country on the RISK gameboard?

Steph in AK

OMG, I want your old house! That's gorgeous; I hope it sells quickly. I'm going to have to browse now for photos of the new and improved place.

I'm actually the first runner up for GenX Alaska blogger...Jill/Up in AK is the real deal, lol. But, if she becomes unable to fulfill her duties, I'm totally running off with the crown ;)


Where do you live?
I totally love your house!
I ESPECIALLY like the dark bathroom floors and dark shower tile - I bet it hides a lot. wink, wink. That would come in handy at my house.


Kristin - I live in Salt Lake City. Totally urban, hip, chic...wait, is that not what everybody thinks when they think Salt lake City?

And those floor do, indeed, hide a multiple of sins...

Lorrie - I've never played risk. Is purple the color for conservatism? If so, that's exactly where we are...

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