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August 12, 2008


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Sarah, what a great blog! Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to reading you on the regular. ;-)


+1 for "Black Snob"- that one's a keeper.

Lorrie Veasey

Erm......for some reason I am 8 years younger on the Internet than I am in Real Life.

Debbie W

Hi Sarah,

I am popping over to say hello and to check out your fun blog! I saw that you were part of Jen's list! She is a wonderful blogger, isn't she? I look forward to reading your blog!

Debbie(Four Angels Momma)


First: Why I chose SoulMoxie
1) The post about moving from cowboys to ski bums.
2)That ruffly white dress with the blue sash thingy. (The amazing wedding photos, really.)
3) The solid writing, absence of highly annoying plethora of ads and, finally
4) The self effacing humor.

Having said that, I took Idaho off and moved the professional blogger, Massachusetts, down to Other Favorites. So, those states are open. It is tedious. There is so much junk in cyberspace. Unbelievably, I can't find one decent blog in Appalachia or on an Indian Reservation. The world forgetting by the world forgotten...oh, and as I told Mamamlicious of Pennsylvania - your Ms. Utah crown is in the mail. LOL

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