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August 13, 2008


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Holly Thatcher

I tried that a few years ago when it first came out and I didn't like it. I heard that have reformulated it, so maybe I should try it again. What color(s) do you wear?


It's number 538 "Wine to Five". You should definitely try it again. After reading some reviews, it seems that if people loved it pre-reformulation that they hate it now, so I wonder if vice versa would be true.

All I know is that I love it. Love it.


I followed that link and immediately posted 3 neuroses, btw.

I'm loving this mango lipgloss I got from the Body Shop. I like Victoria Secret lip gloss too. I haven't done lipstick in years.


Either I'm easily amused or you and Lorrie are in a close race for world's funniest blogger. This is cracking me up. I am the SAME way. If someone comments about anything, I have to give the entire history. And, about them garage sale finds, I WANT TO SEE PICS and HEAR DETAILS.


Hmm, interesting comment about the lip gloss. I am not a fan of lip gloss either (or lipstick) mainly for the same reasons of having to reapply or eating it. I've seen the product in stores and it was constantly used in "America's Next Top Model", so was wondering how effective it really is (or is it just a marketing gimmick?). I wonder if they have samples, but will have to check it out myself then...thanks for the review.


Personally, I love that you share your sources for things. I hate hunting around for good products, clothes, etc., so anytime someone can point me in the direction of a good deal I welcome it. Unless of course the fabulous deal no longer exists because you bought the only one-of-a-kind item and it is really, really fabulous, in which case I hate you. Like how I would have to hate you if Market Square closed before I got a chance to go.


I've been wearing Bonne Bell lipsmackers since 1994, (the Pioneer Woman is right: Dr. Pepper flavor has the best color), but there exists a good, long wearing lip gloss you say? Hmmmm.... Years ago, the long lasting stuff I tried made my lips feel sticky and kind of dry. But this is truly intriguing...will put on shopping list...stat.

Finally, what and where is this Market Square place? I know you've told me before, but I forgot.


I would try this but sadly, I am addicted to vaseline. I can't go an hour without jonesing for some soft yellow petroleum jelly. Seriously. I have been known to stick a tub into my pants in order to be able to carry it on an airplane.


No offense Lorrie, but god that's gross. Can we at least talk you into the Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers? That would have a much more appealing taste, smell, and let's face it - it would fit better down your pants.

And Mel, sweet Mel, I will tell you about this Market Square place when pluto is in alignment with Saturn - whaaa?


I do the same thing. EVERY TIME! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. :) And I'm also glad to see I'm not alone in doing shout-outs to beauty products on my blog. It's all about over-sharing. :)

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