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September 25, 2008


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caught out !! love domestic bliss like this


OMGosh- tell Jess that she is possibly LEAVING HEFF and has been seen openly canoodeling with CRISS ANGEL who looks like he has crabs and doesn't cut his toenails-all because Hef wouldn't sperminate her and she has given him THE BEST YEARS OF HER LIFE......Not that I follow celebrity gossip or anything.


Last I talked to Jess, he kept getting interrupted by that "Girls Next Door" text club he signed up for.

I think it's time to have a talk with him about the difference between "being a fan" and "being a fan who has to have a restraining order taken out against him."


Whoops. Maybe he's just an innocent, big fan and wants to you to bring him home an autographed picture.

bj in dallas

I'm J-E-A-L-O-U-S that you are in Vegas!!
I used to think that place was smarmy, but went last year twice and oh, had so much fun both times. The roomservice guy turned to stone I'm sure when he delivered club sandwiches at 3:30 in the afternoon because my BFF and I were totally drunk and needed to eat and I was NAKKKKED passed out across the bed. And she lets him roll that tray right on in- thats just part of one trip.
Last night, I got one of those emails like whats your favorite blah blah blah, and although I hate them, one question was what would you like to be doing right now and I said "Dancing at the Palm in Vegas with a gorgeous hunk, then down to dinner at Caesars and then back to our room at Mandalay Bay..then the bubble popped and I was still in Texas.....waaahhhhh

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