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September 17, 2008


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I want to start using mouse (sp? muse, moose, mose- whatever, that foamy stuff)again! In 8th grade I rocked that stuff- my hair was never dry. I'm bringing crunchy hair back...


I would pay good money to see that!


I say go for it. It will wash out right? But make sure you take pictures! You do have this blog!!!!!


I am always one for the new 'do' in times of crisis .... I personally adore your hair in the wedding pics ....

But a change is good for the soul so maxi out the hair - go see honey and come back all big hair 80s ....

I am back in Brisbane tonight and look forward to catching up more - FYI not on hols - on work trip - and just paid 18 bloomin $ for a long black coffee, a foccaica and a bottle of water - omg - was there gold dust in there or what - so now I am sneaking onto their wireless network without being a member of the club ... hugs babe le xoxoxo


I could have sworn I left a comment on Thursday.

:::scratching head:::

Debbie W

Sometimes, big hair can give us a momentary rush of confidence! I say, go for it! And heavy on the Aqua Net, it's known to give us super powers!(or at least, indestructible hair)

Hope you are feeling happier.


bj in dallas

I love Aqua Net for so many reasons:
a. Its cheap
b. It is cheap enough to buy a can and leave out in case you need to break up a dog fight ( so I'm told)
c. I saw a cashier at a grocery store one time who's name was Aquanetta (swear)
d. I think it would work in place of pepper spray, if nothing else, the smell alone could stop someone in their tracks
e. I do not use it on my head
f. I know realtors that do in Texas- you know the capital of BIG HAIR??? Hello? The 70's just called and said to release that hound on your head!

thats all I got, but reading through I also saw the dog piss dilemma; I'm so there, too, and outside its that smell, inside its dead liver breath from three dogs that follow me from room to room and pant....
Maybe we could spray AQN outside on their favorite places to offset the piss smell, and then again, it may start a fire......

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