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April 20, 2009


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Holly Thatcher

I don't even like football and I'm totally sitting here with tears down my cheeks. Thanks for sharing this Sarah!


Thank you so much! I was just telling my wife Lois how incredible I feel about all the people who have stopped by to check out what my dilemma was. On Sunday I had over a hundred page hits from people who were total strangers who either read about my post or were twittered. Today I had nearly another 100 hits because Shindig linked me on her blog as well. In a matter of two days I have managed to accumulate most of the information I need and Lois has a friend who is a lawyer who is going to petition the Arizona court I need to seek help from. I am overwhelmed.
I cannot thank you two enough for your offer to help. I guess I better get busy and write another post so I can say thank you to everyone.
My deep regards to you both, Beaux


Dude. I don't know what's wrong with me but I've been crying like a baby lately. I just watched this Susan Boyle thing. I've been avoiding it until I read your post. I cried. Lord help me...


Wow. Overwhelmed with emotion. Tears flowing.

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