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April 21, 2009


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I do understand. And I am so very sorry about the losses which you have had to endure. Sometimes all we can do is to try to make sense of things by ourselves. And sometimes, it helps to reach out. I don't know if you remember, but my brother, my only sibling, passed away suddenly a little over a year ago. He was only 41. 2008, and some of 2009 has felt like nothing more than a giant blur to me. A blur with a lot of very, very sharp edges that can still open me up very unexpectedly.

Write about the things that you need to write about, but don't pressure yourself to do more. Just know that there are those of us who do understand and who will be here if you need us.



I have been trying to add your blog back onto my favorites list and have been having a bit of trouble. Hopefully I will be able to fix things soon!



It is amazing the things that act as catalyst in our lives that summon the hearts spirit. Whether it is good or bad, triumph or tragedy, it can ultimately change so many things in our lives.
I am sorry to hear about all these things. My best to you and all your families.
I truly understand the respect you talk about.

Holly Thatcher

That is so much to deal with Sarah! I hope I can give you a big hug when we were there visiting.

Celia Z.

Holy crap, sounds like the last few months have been awful. I'm sorry to hear about all this :(


Sarah ... the world is a strange and unusual place indeed. We just can't explain it all, all of the time ... love and loss is the bread and butter of our world. But sometimes we find the fairy bread of life - and that's you ... you are my fairy bread.

I so hope you have fairy bread in the US - you know bread and butter covered in 100s and 1000s - those coloured things off cakes ....

le xoxoxo


That is enough to silence anyone. Your friend was so beautiful. Your uncle, so bright-eyed. As Penelope Trunk said in a post several months ago - "Life is hard. You have to wonder why anyone would want to do it."

Still, the mantra of American Beauty - life is wonderful, still a beautiful thing. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

Supra Vaider

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