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May 05, 2009


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Well, I'm glad that you finally made it back to the states! :)


I've visited the Hopi reservation which is located on the Navajo reservation somewhere in the middle (maybe it's a corner?). It was very strange to see that two parts of the town are somewhat isolated from each other. The elders want no electricity or running water or anything new and modern, while the younger people want it all. The elders have lost a lot of respect for their grandchildren. It is kind of sad to see that one of the oldest civilization is slowly deteriorating and collapsing right next to the newer one.


Interesting about what Beaux had to say in the comment before mine. Interesting and very sad.

I think it's wonderful that you two are making the most of your time by taking this trip. My husband likes to drive and navigate. He likes me to talk so that he will stay awake. I am glad to have that job because I am not very good with maps or directions, but I can talk!



this problem has been occuring since cave man days. hahahahahahaha!

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