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May 14, 2009


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I would actually read the obits if you wrote them. Right now I just look at the picture and try to decide if they actually looked better or worse than that in real life.


I totally agree with your stance on obits. They almost NEVER say what happened! This is especially true if the person who died is young. It drives me crazy!


I'm so glad you're writing again! I had a gig writing obits in college. I always wanted to mix it up. They are so, well, generally LIFELESS. Ironic, huh???


i tend to google the name and find more info about the person from the facebook, myspace etc. chat about them.

"died of complications following surgery" was all i could find out till i stumbled across her buddy's myspace lament about "why did she have to go get the damn implants anyway? she was beautiful, healthy, attractive, and looked fab. now she's dead because she wanted bigger bosoms."

that's the kind of dirt i want to know. their close friends (if they've died youngish) are great at spilling the beans.


hi lovey and how be you .... I do love this pic of you :) so down and dirty and all :) hope to read you soon le xoxo

Supra Vaider

wedding pictures, family pictures, security camera pictures from that one seedy hotel, etc. You get my drift. All of this accompanied by "close friends reveal" and then some saga about the love child that was born just after a brief humanitarian stint 30 years ago in Zimbabwe

manolo blahnik

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