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June 22, 2009


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And here I've laboring under the delusion that I was the person you were most fond of in the world. Now that I think about it, though, your husband is pretty freaking awesome.

I don't have words to tell you how much I'll miss you guys. I remember feeling this way when Jess left for Djibouti but this time it's doubly hard!

I'm very happy for the excuse to visit Germany and practice what I learned over 5 quarters of German in college. What I remember, anyway, which is limited to "Good morning" and "I love you", but I'm sure take me anywhere I need to go, right?


Awesome! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! -)


Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Also jealous. I am looking forward to seeing how your adventure goes.

Ashlee Christofferson

This is such exciting news. I am so happy for you and envious at the same time. I wish I had the nerve to pick up and move to Germany. I really admire you for this and will look forward to reading about your adventures. I would love to have lunch a few more times before you leave. You will be gone before we know it. Congratulations!! XOXO, Ashlee C.


Wow! Congratulations. What an exciting, awesome experience. You 2 will be loving life over there! Can't wait to read all about it. The Purdys send our love and well-wishes!


Go for it! I think you will have a ball, even if it feels like misery at first. I admire you for not letting what's easy fill in for what's right.


INCREDIBLE! I would love to get together prior to you departure!
Talk soon!


Did I hear handbags? :)

We're going to miss you and if we weren't planning on being poor during those two years you are in Germany, we would TOTALLY come visit... Maybe I can just send Noah. :)

Love you lady, and this is going to be one helluva(n) adventure. And yes, James and I will still be here, with our puzzles and free-things-to-do list. :)

Holly Thatcher

Most Germans speak English at least enough to get by. They watch Friends and Bay Watch, so you should be able to communicate just fine. I took German for 4 years in HS and I can hardly remember a single word now. One of my best friends moved to Barcelona not speaking any Spanish and it has been a great adventure for her. I'm sure you will have a fabulous time and I am definitely looking forward to more blogging!


The two of you are an inspiration. Carry us along on your journey and let us go with you, OK? I know you don't really know me from Adam and visa versa, but it sure feels right from my cheap, Oklahoma seat. Godspeed.


What a wonderful opportunity. Life is too short for what-ifs. Go have fun exploring the world while you have the chance.
Wishing you guys the best.


hello honey

you are so right to do this :) point six is so spot on - the only time we do grow is when one moves outside of the established comfort zone ...

I have just accepted a job 2500km away from where we live now - shame it is still in the same state !!

it is a small small town that has a huge wet season - flooded in for 14 weeks this year :) it will be quite the adventure too ..

we go in august so can't wait to read all your news as you get sorted - many hugs le


You totally speak Deutsch! Remember your amazing conversation with Fro (pronounced similarly to bra)at that play the night we hucked tacos at pedestrians? You'll do fine!


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